Russia's Biggest Alt-Right Leader's Opinion on Latest Western Trends

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Recent world events – from broken immigration policy in Europe to Presidential elections in America – have divided the population and the situation never seemed so unstable. Thus, Brutalist decided to ask political activists to give some insights into commonly held criticisms of the right-wing policies in Western countries nowadays. Today we’ll try to set propaganda aside and learn more about modern nationalist movements all over the world, its peculiarities and trends.

Today our guest is Aleksandar Orshulevich, the leader of one of the Russian nationalist movements.

Brutalist: Tell us a few words about yourself and your organization. What are you doing within your organization?

Alexander Orshulevich (A.O.): My name is Alexander Orshulevich and I’m the head of the nationalist movement “The Baltic Vanguard of the Russian Resistance” (B.A.R.S.). Its main activity is concentrated in Kaliningrad (former Königsberg), Russian Federation. Our organization sets forth the following political aims – to gain the power using all the legal grounds, on the basis of the Constitution of the Russian Federation and provide the population of the region and the country, in general, with better living conditions. Our policy rests upon Russian historical past, national traditions and the enduring Christian values. Our backers are those who want to live within the solid national order, cultivating the best traits of the Russian people and standing on guard of civil rights and freedoms.

BrutalistDo you agree that B.A.R.S. is at the forefront of the global political trend – the revenge of the right-wing movement?

A.O.: It is not a coincidence that we use the word ‘Vanguard’ in the name of our movement. We have always been striving not only to participate in this global trend - revenge of the right wing movements - but to lead it in the West of Russia, to shape its style and ideology, to empower this trend. And we’re sure we’ll succeed in it. Russian youth stands with us and that’s inspiring.

"Our policy rests upon Russian historical past, national traditions and the enduring Christian values."

Brutalist: What do you think about the existing political forces in Europe? Can one describe them as out-of-date?

A.O.: Truly creative, talented and beautiful things have no age. The inept european policy is not just outdated, but morally bankrupt. It has lost its pillar of the irreconcilable attitude toward communism and totalitarianism, as well as the support of traditional societies in opposition to the Red International. Nowadays the bureaucratic apparatus of the European Union is trying to rehabilitate itself and regain its value demonstrating  the outrage over the policy held by Putin in Eastern Europe. And it looks ridiculous, especially at the time of the European criminal immigration policy, when hundreds of thousands and millions of immigrants come without any obstacles to European countries annually under the auspices of the authorities. All those immigrants have nothing in common with skillful professionals, scientists or businessmen who could work for the sake of European countries. These unbridled masses don’t want to integrate, but to establish their own rules on the foreign land. Ruling political elite in Europe has prepared the ground for a pan-European civil war and bear responsibility for the possible disastrous consequences.

"The inept european policy is not just outdated, but morally bankrupt."

BrutalistFrom France to the United States - tell us about your attitude to the recent political processes and its logic.

A.O.: The logic of the political processes in Western democratic states has not changed over decades. Populism has always been at the forefront. Ordinary citizens will always lack special knowledge to assess the situation adequately, while Democratic politicians will always lack conscience to hold a fair policy. Even if conventionally right-wing parties or politicians come to power in some Western countries, this does not mean that the population can expect distinctive changes. Often, traditionalist, anti-militarist, national-conservative rhetoric is used only to achieve political results: whether to enter upon the office or to become a part of the government. In fact, these populists may not have profound convictions. And one can clearly see this trend on the example of Marine Le Pen who renounced her father. The quality of the European "national camp" has decreased so much that the very idea of nationalism turned to become xenophobia with a touch of chauvinism in their programs. Parties of a new type are needed to renew and to rebuild Europe. Such parties shouldn’t be with the boring narrow-minded electoral group, but broad-minded Messianic movements which aim to achieve pan-European goals. In the meantime, I can only see that all or almost all right-wing European parties don’t play an independent role. All of them are looking for a patron, for someting like "conservative Russia".

BrutalistWhat do you think about the Steve Bannon’s phenomenon?

A.O.: It's hard for me to analyze the reasons that prompted Donald Trump to appoint Steve Bannon as a Senior Adviser, but I am glad that independent-minded American nationalists are coming to power. Although Bannon has long criticized the establishment of both major parties in the US, his sober assessment of many political events in the country and abroad have found understanding and sympathy among certain political circles and business elite. Steve Bannon’s appointment says something about the social mobility of American society, about the feasibility of the American nation in general. Bold assertions about the danger of the secularization and the crisis of "state capitalism" in the United States testify to the open-mindedness and the scale of Bannon’s personality.

"Ordinary citizens will always lack special knowledge to assess the situation adequately, while Democratic politicians will always lack of conscience to hold a fair policy."

BrutalistDo you consider yourself a so-called "alt right"?

A.O.: It is quite natural that nationalists in the USA do not trust the official "conservatives" represented by Presidential Administration and Congress. Confrontation between the right-wing populist bureaucrats and street right-wing movements is a real problem common in such European countries as Poland, for example. Such confrontation has purely methodological nature in national States. But in post-communist countries the struggle is truly irreconcilable between the nationalists and the oligarchy from among former leaders of the Communist parties, who take refuge in right-wave rhetoric. In Russia "ultra-right movement" is the movement similar to “alt right” and Russian March that is held annually in many Russian cities is considered to be the main event organized by this movement. Of course, in some sense, I consider myself an "alternative right", but I condemn the subculture in national movement and the idea of racial or religious discrimination.

BrutalistDo you agree with the statement that in the U.S. these movements are not "alternative", but mainstream now. What can we expect from them?

A.O.: I wouldn't jump to the conclusion. Yes, the alternative right now influences the US policy more and more, but they will become mainstream only in the case if its bipartisan political system turn into a multi-party one, and the nationalist party will participate in Federal elections along with the main parties of power, having the same fame and influence. It is possible only in the event of both Republican and Democratic parties’ credibility gap. But the main condition for nationalist parties to become mainstream is rational and non-aggressive political program offered by the alternative right. US citizens should vote for nationalists not only to oppose the plutocrats. They should do so because they understand the rightness of those who promote the national idea and advocate traditional society, because they have sincere empathy for the nationalists.

BrutalistFrom the point of public interests, if we’re talking about immigration problem, where the situation is better: in Germany or in Kaliningrad? And why?

A.O.:In this case, any value judgement would be incorrect, because it is necessary to consider all life conditions in Germany and in Russia. Both countries have its advantages and disadvantages. In Russia, people are indifferent to migrants from Central Asia. Locals have no aggression toward these people, but they don’t have philanthropic exaltation as well. The migrants themselves differ from those in Europe. They are not the Arabs. They are dignified descendants of the Japheth, who know the value of civilization and respect the customs and culture of the country and the city where they live.

"But the main condition for nationalist parties to become mainstream is rational and non-aggressive political program offered by the alternative right."

BrutalistImagine that tomorrow your organization will take power within the executive and legislative branches in Kaliningrad. What alternatives is B.A.R.S. ready to offer? Why is the restoration of the city’s historic name so important to you?

A.O.: We do not want to encroach the political power in the region. We know a lot of young politicians who do not fully share our views, but who can benefit the country by using their knowledge, energy and talent as members of new administration or the democratically elected Assembly. I am confident that together we, both nationalists and liberals, will be able to offer the coalition development program of the Königsberg region within the framework of European civilization, but with full respect for Russian national traditions and state protection of Christian Holy sites and spiritual values. The restoration of the city’s original name along with the architectural reconstruction is important as evidence of the high social and cultural development of our society that is able to value and preserve artifacts of the past, even if it’s the foreign past. At least it should be done because of aesthetic, scientific and cultural considerations, not to mention that every educated man should enjoy the beautiful things in life and to live in dignity.

BrutalistWhat message would you like to convey to the right-wing forces in Europe and the United States? Do you think that they’re on the right way?

A.O.:Nationalists’ strategy in Europe and the USA is their own business. They have all rights to decide their preference and political line on their own. I’m sure that they are guided by a genuine love for their homeland and will always do their best to serve it. The only thing I can tell is that I stand for traditional society based upon gospel commandments, Christian principles and the faith in Christ. So I like those European nations and movements, which clearly understand the sense of duty before God. Understanding of the sacred mission will prevent them from all possible mistakes and from the temptation of politics.

European nations and movements, which clearly understand the sense of duty before God. Understanding of the sacred mission will prevent them from all possible mistakes and from the temptation of politics."

BrutalistWhich European and American movements or political forces do you think are on the right way? Do you have comrades among them?

A.O.: Among the ruling political parties we support "Law and Justice" in Poland and "Jobbik" in Hungary. It is clear that we do not share all the policies held by the European right-wing parties and movements, but we believe it is important to support certain legislative initiatives that, in our opinion, can strengthen traditional Christian society in Europe. We do not support racial character of American subcultural nationalism as we think that this idea is alien to the American national idea. We condemn direct symbolic borrowing from the history of the National Socialist German Worker’s party. We don't share the narrow-mindedness of the British nationalists' political thinking that is focused on the immigration issue only. But, once again, it is the internal affair of each nation to decide how to live. We have many contacts and associates in Europe, and I think they just wouldn't impose their vision of the Russian future on us.

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