78% of Russians voted for visa regime

on Dec 01, 2016 at 1:08 PM in Society, Racial problem, Migration, Europe

78% of Russian citizens advocate the visa regime with Central Asia.

Recent  poll conducted by the  Russian Public Opinion Research Center.

And yes,  it's truly important. But there are also some quite interesting moments:

81% of respondents believe that to the employer its more profitable to hire a migrant (so they agree that migrant workers take away their jobs), and 63% "feel the presence of a significant number of migrants in their localities" (translated from the sociological language: "you get into a railway station — you get to Dushanbe").
As well, 40% believe that "migrants should live separately on dedicated territories."

So, there are two interesting moments:

Firstly, Levada-Center, Russian non-governmental polling and sociological research, have recently found that Russians have a sense of national superiority. Then governmental and quite servile RPORC discovered that Russians simply dislike migrants, despite the fact that propaganda of multiculturalism sounds everywhere.

The second point is more important: all these stuff figures contours of Russia's future. National and democratic. The Future, where the visa regime with Central Asia and changing the government priority policy to primarily aim to their own country will not need the Fuhrer, the tanks in the squares,  the stormtroopers with torches and other Asian stuff. It will be enough to pack up and quietly vote.

And then finally deal with the case: to build a big nice wall on the border and force the Central Asia to pay for it.



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