Swedish security guards brutally attacked by vicious gang on Stockholm subway

HORRIFIC footage of two security guards being attacked by a violent gang of thugs at a Swedish subway station has emerged

In the shocking CCTV clip, the pair can be seen struggling to regain control over the situation as the gang turned violent after the officials attempted to detain one person on the underground platform.

The altercation between the security guards and the angry gang was sparked as the detained male refused to cooperate.

Friends of the man began circling the officials as they attempted to lead the person off the subway platform.

However, before the security guards at the Stockholm subway station could calm the situation, a group of people gave chase and started shouting at them to let the detained male go.

The two security guards were brutally attacked by the thugs after detaining one male

Sensing the situation growing dangerous, the officials called for police reinforcements, but before the backup arrived one of the thugs launched themselThe two security guards were brutally attacked by the thugs after detaining one maleves at the male guard.

Desperate to aid her collage, the female security guard released the detained male and pulled out a baton to scare the thugs off.

But just as it appeared the violent gang was backing down, one man dressed in a black jacket and trousers once again confronted the male security guard.

Despite managing to push off his attacker, the two officials were soon overpowered by three thugs during a brutal clash.

The violent gang ran off the platform after knocking the male security guard to the ground

Having managed to knock the male to the ground, the violent gang ran off the platform after the others who scattered after the first altercation.

As police arrived on the scene, the female official described the trio as black males as she warned the officers one of the thugs had run off with her baton.

It is not know how serious the security guard’s injuries were but an ambulance was called to the scene.

According to online reports, the thugs who attacked the pair were immigrants, however this has not been confirmed.


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